Luxor TUTV2500 250GB Freeview Recorder

Luxor TUTV2500 250Gb Freeview Recorder

Luxor TUTV2500 250Gb  Freeview Recorder Summary

Best Price: Under £100 – use Price Comparison table below

Pros: 14-day EPG, TopUpTV Compatible, easy to set-up, Freeview + features

Cons:  Slight time-lag when using Library to view recorded programs

Also consider: Humax PVR9150T Freevieww Recorder – around £120 – see Price Comparison

This unit from Luxor competes with the other models from DigiHome, Techwood, TvOnics etc, in the sub-£100 category. Quick setup, twin tuners, Freeview + features (series link, accurate recording etc) all packaged for under £100 and you can’t go wrong.

Included in the box is a free trial of TopUpTV which gives you access to pay-tv such as Setanta Sports, Living TV etc. Be warned – they will require your credit card details when you sign up and it’s up to you to cancel after the trial ends otherwise you’ll be charged on a month-by-month basis. However, some users have got a free subscription to Setanta 1 sports channel, just by paying the one-off £20 sign up fee. With lots of Premiership football, FA Cup and England away matches, that has to be worth it.


* Manufacturer: Luxor
* Model: TUTV2500
* Type: Freeview + Hard Drive Recorder
* EPG: 14 day
* Storage Capacity: 250Gb
* Dimensions: 5.0 x 28.5 x 35.5 (H/W/D)cm
* Twin Tuners: Yes
* High Definition Upscaling: No
* Scart Sockets: 2
* Scart Lead Included: Yes (basic)
* HDMI port: No
* USB Port: No
* Serial Port: -

Click here to view Luxor TUTV2500 Freeview Recorder User Manual

Price Comparison : Luxor TUTV2500 250Gb Freeview Recorder

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  1. john muskett says:

    why wont this box record,even though the disc is empty

  2. David Murphy says:

    I would also like to know why my box won,t pause or record even though I have 93% space. Every time I try to record I get a ‘recording failed’ message and when I try to pause a program, I get a ‘!’ mark at the top of the screen. don’t know whether it is a hardware or a program problem. Any help appreciated

  3. pete coulson says:

    I bought this product on ebay for £50. Best £50 I ever spent. It has thus far worked perfectly. It was a doddle to set up and the menus and features are well laid out and easy to use. The only minor quibble I have is that if you series link something that is repeated it will record all the following repeats. Still this is a minor inconveinience. Can’t recommend this little box of wonders highly enough.

  4. david doughty says:

    why does my box “eat” batteries, iam replacing batteries on a weekly basis, why is this?

  5. Richard James says:

    Probably the worse box I have owned… Technical Support is shocking.

    Time Display doesn’t appear on front, just : : : or 00000000,
    series link is less than reliable.
    Remote eats batteries (as david’s comment)

  6. Terry Read says:

    Got a luxor box from Asda and after a week, it will reboot randomly and due to the slow start up time is VERY annoying. Will be using this site to find a better model.

  7. my recordings are always cut short. Lost manual. How do I alter time on tele as I think it probably runs out of time.

  8. s.fitzsimmons says:

    my box wont let me watch any of my recordings froze on that part of menu everything else works fine.

  9. any one know how to get rid off the fail sign that comes on the screen

  10. I am also getting fail when i turn on, does this mean it has had it. Can someone help please.

  11. A. Forman says:

    Can you please tell me where I can obtain a user guide for a Luxor TUTV2500 as mine has been mislaid, probably destroyed. I am 88 years of age and having great difficulty.

  12. My box won’t record BBC programmes.

  13. My box will not record anything keeps saying error has occurred why?

  14. my box has now lost series link and will not record anything – all my recorded programmes have disappeared and there is no synopsis. does anyone know who I can call for help with this – cant seem to find a helpline anywhere

  15. My box won’t come on. The red light is there will not activate with remote or by pushing on button.

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