Humax PVR9150T 160Gb Freeview Recorder

Perhaps the most sought after Freeview Recorder - twin tuners, pause & rewind live TV, 100 hours of recording on 120GB Hard Drive, one-touch recording from on-screen EPG and full Freeview + functionality.

Perhaps the most sought after Freeview Recorder on the market - twin tuners, pause & rewind live TV, 100 hours of recording on 120GB Hard Drive, one-touch recording from on-screen EPG and full Freeview + functionality and all for under £130

Humax PVR9150T Best Price

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Humax PVR9150T Review

Humax PVR9150T Freeview Recorder Summary

Best Price: Under £130 – use Price Comparison table below

Pros: Strong contender – Freeview + approved, Humax 2 year warranty, easy to use EPG

Cons: Been so popular now only available at limited retailers!

Also consider: Humax PVR9300T (double capacity space and HDMI port with 720p HD Upscaling)

Humax PVR9150T Official Specification (PDF document) - opens in new window

Humax PVR9150T Official Specification

The PVR9150T is yet another fantastic release from Humax.

This is by no means an entry-level Freeview Recorder, but it is promoted as a quick to setup, easy to use, all-in one Freeview recorder with ample storage and all of the features that you would expect of a Freeview + digibox.

In comparison to its big-brother, the PVR9300T, this model only lacks High Definition upscaling and and HDMI output (only useful if you have a HD Ready TV, and not true HD TV in any sense of the word) and has half the storage capacity at 160Gb, but still holds 100 hours of TV.

Humax PVR9150T User Guide

Humax PVR9150T User Guide

It is fully Freeview + certified, so you get the ability to pause, record and rewind all 48 Freeview Channels (and radio channels if so desired), chase play (start watching a program before it has finished recording), series link, accurate recording and split recording. If you are at all unsure what all these features do, be sure to check out our Freeview Record Buyer’s Guide which has a handy glossary to top-up your Freeview knowledge!


  • Manufacturer: Humax
  • Model: PVR9150T
  • Type: Freeview + Hard Drive Recorder
  • Storage Capacity: 160Gb / 100 Hours approx.
  • Dimensions: 360mm x 250mm x 45mm (w/d/h)
  • Twin Tuners: Yes
  • High Definition Upscaling: No
  • HDMI port: No
  • USB Port: No
  • Serial Port: Yes (For software updates)

Humax PVR9150T Official Specification Guide (pdf) – Opens in new window

Humax PVR9150T User Guide (pdf) – Opens in new window

Humax PVR9150T Freeview Recorder Price Comparison:

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  1. Wide Ulttra 2 Hot says:

    Thanks for posting. It was very helpful.

  2. TRied 2 of these and they both went wrong –
    would not respond to havd control or buttons on box –
    lost dates missed recordings – same problem on both

  3. Thanks for the feedback. It’s strange as. This is probably the best selling freeview recorder because of it’s reputation for being a reliable model. What have you bought instead? Is that any better?

  4. Katie Tillman says:

    I’ve had this freeview for about a year or so and although its easy to use and i love it, it has alot of trouble actually recording stuff as it tends to record half a series even if u choose to record a whole one and doesnt record odd programs you want!! so if i were you id choose another one if the freeview + is a very important feature!!!

  5. Kerrie chalmers says:

    Terrible product. Only a few months old. Keeps freezing and won’t respond to remote or buttons. Loses recordings frequently on series link. After researching on Internet seems processor not big enough so removed loads of channels I don’t watch to see if problem improved. Worked for about a month and back to old problem.

  6. Denise Havard says:

    Its strange we first bought this model for my mother when it first came out and she has had virtually no problems with it, other than the odd freeze and 30 seconds missed from beginning of programme. Yet we bought the same model for my mother in law and it continuously played up freezing and missing recording programmes and had to be returned. We also bought the same one for ourselves and over the past 3- 4 months it has been relentless freezing , slow to respond, missing recording programmes and generally very annoying. I am trying to find the receipt as I know its not two years since we bought it. Any ideas what model would be more reliable?

  7. I actually own one of these devices and have never had any trouble. It is quick to turn on and load up, records reliably and the sound and picture quality is very good.

    It doesn’t have any of the advanced features of hte newer models (i.e. internet connectivity, USB storage options etc, or Freeview HD) but if all you need is a simple Freeview Recorder, then for £130, in my opinion this is by far the best model available.

    I think the very fact that it is still available today, several years after first launching, shows how popular it has been.

  8. JOHN PLATT says:

    i bought a 150t in february 2011 and my only complaint is the faulty record facility.

    some, not all, programmes have been from 4 to 15 minutes late starting.

    series record unreliable, sometimes it works other times no.

    i’m told that this is the best on the market and other recorders have more serious problems.

    i did contact humax support via email about 2 weeks ago and am still awaiting their reply.

    we are very disappointed and frustrated with the humax.

  9. Hello

    I have owned one since late 2009 and its now frozen – it wont play and appears to be in record mode when switched on. Uptil this happened I would have said this is a brilliant piece of kit – i used it all the time. So am not very happy with it at present. does anyone know how good humax are at replacing faulty equipment?

  10. When it works this is a great piece of kit – Freeview + is very easy to use. However, my recorder misses recordings, only records half of programmes, and in recent months has been freezing, up to two times an hour, which means unplugging at the wall (and also renders the record facility useless as it will probably freeze by the time the program starts). No response at all from Humax’s Customer service email address (a very common complaint, I see on the Web), I would never buy a Humax again. The recorder being rubbish is one thing, non-existent customer service where you just send emails into the void, is another.

  11. I bought my Humax (refurbed) direct from Humax in March 2010 and on my recommendation a friend bought hers in October 2010. Neither of us have had any problems other than one or two instances of freezing.
    I would have no hesitation whatsoever in buying another.

    I wonder if those people experiencing problems have downloaded the software updates?

  12. Ruth,

    Have you tried a ‘factory reset’? When I’ve had questions about something I couldn’t understand (not being terribly tech-minded) I’ve found contacting the help line at Humax got an immediate and helpful reply, so it might be worth getting in touch with them.


  13. seems like i and a lot of other people have been duped into buying this rubbish machine by people saying its a good piece of kit. admin…you must have the only one in the world that works properly.

  14. Tony…. i’m sorry if your machine is unreliable – I genuinely feel this is the best device. Once or twice it has missed recordings, but other than that it never lets me down. And I record a lot of TV!

    One thing to point out, i bought mine as a ‘refurbished’ model, so whether this has a different firmware I don’t know. What problems have you had?

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