DigiHome DG250DTRA08 250GB Freeview Recorder

An entry level model from Digihome offering Freeview Plus functionality at under £100

An entry level model from Digihome offering Freeview Plus functionality at under £100

DigiHome DG250DTRA08 Freeview Recorder Summary

Best Price: NOW £88.05 from Tesco Direct

Pros: Great budget recorder, TopUp TV compatible, 120 hours recording time, LCD display on front of box

Cons: No scart lead in box, can’t view picture when viewing tv guide

This DigiHome model is an excellent entry Freeview Recorder and represents fantastic value at under £90. Available in black, the DG250DTRA08 has a 250Gb hard drive, providing storage for 120 hours of recordings. It is Freeview + certified but do watch out for the fact that there is no scart lead provided in the box.

A nice feature that you don’t always find with a device at this price is the display on the front of the box, showing the channel number and channel name.

A number of people who have used this model have commented how easy to use it is. It is compatible with Top Up TV (additional subscription) for the likes of Setanta, although you will need to buy the Top Up Tv module separately.

Its built-in twin tuners allow you to record 2 different channels simultaneously and watch a pre-recorded program at the same time.


* Manufacturer: DigiHome

* Model: DG250DTRA08

* Type: Freeview + Hard Drive Recorder

* EPG: 7 day

* Storage Capacity: 250Gb / 120 Hours approx.

* Dimensions: 360mm x 278mm x 56mm (w/d/h)

* Twin Tuners: Yes

* High Definition Upscaling: No

* Scart Sockets: 2

* HDMI port: No

* USB Port: No

* Serial Port: -

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NOW £88.05 from Tesco

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  1. Can anyone tell me where I can get a new remote control

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